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  1. Lance Swafford

    I have enjoyed the first two lessons Stephen. You mentioned making goals to help us continue studying. The only place I actually sing is at church praising the LORD. I know He doesn’t care what we sound like as long as it is true worship, but I do enjoy singing to Him. He designed us to worship him through song, so I want to offer Him the best of what He has given me. [Psa 47:7 ESV] 7 For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm! There a so many other examples!
    Some of the exercises we have done have been giving me trouble. My voice begins to crack and change pitch. It’s probably that I’m just not used to singing that high, and I’m sure that will change with practice and exercise.
    This confirmation page required me to leave a comment although there is no asterisk on the field “Comment”. Just wanted to let you know.
    Thanks again for all, Lance

    • Singing Coach

      Hi Lance,

      Good to hear from you!

      First off – you should never be required to leave a comment. I’m not sure how that happened can could not recreate the problem to fix it… as it turns off, comments should not have been turned on for that page anyway, so I turned them off.

      Now to the SERIOUS note – If/when your voice hurts or cracks, that’s a place to STOP. Actually, you want to stop a little before this point. Yes we want to stretch and train, but just like any other exercise because not to “pull a muscle”… in the case of your vocal chords this can happen, and also the chords can be “damaged” from literally slamming together, grinding, pulling. This sounds dramatic and it can be a problem so TAKE IT SLOW. DON’T PUSH IT.

      Hope that helps. See you in the next lesson!