Lesson 5B: Advanced Transition Techniques Anyone Can Do

If you missed Part A – go here to catch up: http://singingresults.com/lesson-5-transitions/

Part B:
There’s a lot to this lesson and you could just just wait for it. Or dive in and be part of it.

If you dive in there’s the opportunity to get direct 1 on 1 responsive feedback .and have your voice contribute to the dialog that makes this course – at least this lesson.

This style of lesson creating looks promising for creating future lessons… take on tough questions, dive deep look at all the angles and then come up with a consolidated blue print or roadmap for success.

Of course – Lesson 6 will go back to basic vocal exercises – we won’t leave that out!

Down to business…

Assignment 1:
I invite you to review the previous introduction and the amazing comments and responses. YOU the ‘students’ in this course are for the most part professional vocalists, teachers, choir directors, touring performers.

Your contributions are GOLD!

Assignment 2: SHORT
Name 2 people who are masterful at transitions with only 1 sentence elaborating why.

(we asked for this in the first part, but it’s fine because we go sooo much good feedback… this tine –quick please. Short… we’re making a long reference list)

What’s next?

Part B will be short, fast, quick.  Then in Part C we’ll take it all together and present the core meat of the program  (in about a week) – followed by comments and feedback discussion.

Part D will summarize and distill this session for us and future students.


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