Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about PitchPerfector

What's the Latest Version?
How Much does it Cost to Upgrade?
I have v3.x. How do I get my free upgrade to v3.8?
I’m not very serious about singing – will it still work?
I’m concerned I don’t have a good enough ear – will this work?
Am, I too young, or too old for this to work?
I know I have great vocal pitch, have recorded in studios and never need voice pitch correction. Do I need this?
Will it really fix my singing pitch problems in 10 minutes?
Why not take private singing lessons? Can’t my voice teacher help me?

Questions about Foundations of Singing

How can I download the Video Lessons?
Will videos play on my iPad or iPhone or Android Smartphone?
What's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3?
When will more lessons be available?
How much time should I practice each lesson?
Do I really need to do the Bonus lessons? Sometimes it's boring?
What's Better about the Paid Foundations of Singing compared to the Old Free Singing Lessons?

More questions and answers will be filling in as we complete migration from our old FAQ system.  In the meantime, if you have questions – Leave a note below and I’ll answer them!

For now, signing off and wishing you a beautiful day filled with Singing!


updated: 1-24-15


  1. Martin

    Hi, in the introduction you mention the training is divided in 2 x 12 weeks parts. For what I can see on your new site the foundation part 1 is only 4 lessons.
    The price you are asking is for the 4 lessons, for the 12 weeks program or for the 24 weeks program?

    Kind regards

    • Singing Coach

      I need to fix/edit that part of the program. There are currently 4 core lessons and bonus lessons with more to follow. Those who purchase will received the additional sections when completed.

  2. Charity shepard

    will i would like to sing more often its very cool im still trying to learn on how to sing and stuff im 15 years old and wanna become the most wonderful singer when i get older .

  3. Aviance Benson

    Hi, I’m having an issue with ordering your products. How do I know if it went through. I was trying to do the bundle….but it kept asking for a coupon code and that wasn’t listed on the email

    • Singing Coach

      Hi Aviance,

      Thank you for your question.

      Please ignore the Coupon section. Coupons are optional fields, not required, so they won’t hold up the order.

      Also, we currently do not use coupons for anything.


  4. Ólafur Andri

    Hi, Stephen

    I need your help, as I was reading one of your mails, I accidentally hit the unsubscribe button and I need your help to subscribe me again to your lessons, if you can help me. PLEASE!!!

      • Ólafur Andri

        Well, that’s good to hear and thanks for checking but I have been waiting for quite some time now and I haven’t recieved any letters from you. I have finished all the core lessons, is there a reason for this to happen?

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