Lesson 1


1) Watch Video
2) Download mp3 lessons
3) Post Comments & Feedback.

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More Training: (right click and “save as” to download MP3s).

1) Click Here ==>

Click Here — Fun Scale Warm Up

2) Humming Slow.MP3

3)Humming Faster.MP3

4) Fun Scale Song Download.MP3

5) Advanced: Humming minor scale.MP3

6) Leave comments about the lesson below

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  1. Rocco Gismondi

    I liked it. Am I missing something? is the 7 day pass only for Lesson 1? or will lesson two be unlocked before the 7 days run out?

  2. Dan

    And I just wanted to know whether (even though it is not good or proper to throw your head up to sing high and vice versa)is it normal though for the Adam’s apple to move a bit up and down when singing , and is the same thing to force it down as to put your head down to sing low ?…obviously….ThAnkyou

  3. Dan

    Yeah so I’m 19 and I’d say my voice is mature although it has improved already since changing -and it really doesn’t follow a pattern whether I can sing high or low but probably doesn’t change oftener than once a month

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