Lesson 1


1) Watch Video
2) Download mp3 lessons
3) Post Comments & Feedback.

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More Training: (right click and “save as” to download MP3s).

1) Click Here ==>

Click Here — Fun Scale Warm Up

2) Humming Slow.MP3

3)Humming Faster.MP3

4) Fun Scale Song Download.MP3

5) Advanced: Humming minor scale.MP3

6) Leave comments about the lesson below

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  1. Meyna

    Hey Stephen, you’re a good vocal coach. That was good teaching! But I was wondering, can doing vocal warmups increase your vocal range? I would like to know. Because I’ve been doing vocal warmups and still don’t see any improvements.

    • Singing Coach

      It can take weeks or months to see improvement. But, most people see improvement within a couple of weeks of daily exercise. Stick with it and you’ll get there!

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