Benefits of Membership

1) World class Training for Singing Foundations, and Vocal Pitch. Work with industry expert, Stephen Pierce, who specializes in vocal pitch and created the most widely used online foundations singing lessons program in the world. These programs are used by 100s of Voice Teachers around the world in working with students in their private studios.

2) Member Collaboration Portal – Discuss the training lesson, collaborate and share your videos, and audio tracks for feedback from peers and experts.

3) Chat Support by JivoChat – Ability to chat directly with expert support staff.


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  1. Julian Carax


    Coach, excuse me. I am doing one lesson pero week in core training and I am going to start lesson 5 in a few minutes. My question is: when can we expect for new lessons in core training.

    • Singing Coach

      The Foundations of Singing includes lessons 1-4, plus bonus lessons. We expect to add some additional materials as time permits, but no specific date for extras.

  2. Dawn Koch

    Dear Coach,
    I just started your class today and am amazed at what I DIDN’T know… I have sang all my life but just for fun. Sometimes well and sometimes not. LOL I look forward to seeing where I end up in 30 days. Thank you for the opportunity you have given people with these lessons.


    • Singing Coach

      they are on every lesson page except the breathing bonus lesson… look and you’ll find them… usually text like, right click save as…

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