Name PitchPerfector v3.8 – WIN FREE COPY

It seems to be the trend these days to Name versions of software and it feels like a fun thing to do.

Win a FREE copy of v3.8!

If you already own v3.x then the upgrade to v3.8 is free.  So if you win this contest you could either give the copy away to a friend or get a free upgrade to v4.0 (scheduled Spring 2015)

3 Winners

1st Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8 + Foundations of Singing + FREE Upgrade to v4.0

2nd Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8 + Foundations of Singing

3rd Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8

If you already own PitchPerfector you can give away a copy to a friend.

Some background information that might help in choosing a name:

Product feature page:

Dission of new features in v3.8:

Tip 1:  We’re not looking to change the name of the product. We’re looking for the fun code name.  Like Apple named their OS versions after names of Cats… Ideas: Mountain Peaks, Lakes, of course Musical terms, or Music Composers, or other historic figures.

Love the ideas coming in! Really fun seeing this creativity!

Winners selected Christmas Day.

News Flash – Just occurred to me that it would have been helpful to include screenshots of some of the demo layouts. Check back tomorrow and I’ll have a few good ones posted.

Enter your suggestion in the comments below – GOOD LUCK!

To YOUR Highest Singing Results!



** Restrictions: The nature of this contest is to have fun and spur participation. At least 50 submissions are required.  And, suitable names must be submitted and selected at the sole discretion of Singing Results contest judge Stephen Pierce.  The purpose of this restriction is not to prevent awarding prizes. It is to help encourage useful submissions.  Our intent and desire is to award all prizes.

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  1. Singing Coach

    Such GREAT responses and wonderful ideas. I had a blast reading all of these great suggestions and appreciate you sharing your insight.

    Hawaiian Flowers theme
    Famous singers
    Music cities
    Mythical Gods

    Pete Swan suggested “Spot On Vocal” and Des tossed in “nopitchy” – if we were renaming the product, those are awesome!

    There were 11 STRONG entries worthy of winning and it was hard to choose just 3. So, I added 2 more prizes…

    1st Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8 + Foundations of Singing + FREE Upgrade to v4.0
    2nd Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8 + Foundations of Singing
    3rd Prize – PitchPerfector v3.8
    4th & 5th Unplanned Prizes – Pitchperfector v3.8

    Scott on December 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm (Edit)
    Names of famous singers would fit well with your apple analogy. Each major version set (3,4 or 5) could use a different category of singers while minor version would get the actual singer name.
    For example:
    3.x major versions might pick from famous opera singers so 3.8 could be Luciano.
    4.x major versions might pick from famous jazz singers so 4.0 could be Billie while 4.1 could be Ella and 4.2 was Lena
    5.x major versions might pick from contemporary singers

    Charles Spalding on December 19, 2014 at 1:21 am (Edit)
    Give each new version an angelic name, they are build to sing. Like Michael, Raphael, Gabriel… etc

    Sandy Tarnowski on December 18, 2014 at 12:51 pm (Edit)
    Since this new version is all about expanding the range and including more voice types, I thought of one… What if you did, PitchPerfector: Universe
    Since you are expanding the accessibility of your program (android, mobile, tablet, ect.) it’s like the phrase, “The universe is always expanding” You are expanding your program. Your singing program can now reach more people…
    I’m not sure if you like this idea, but it was the first thing that popped into my head…I’m not even sure if this is what I am supposed to do…so hopefully it was what you wanted…Namaste!

    #4 – Pete Swan – SpotOnVocal

    #5 – Des – nopitchy

    To claim your prize send a private note.

    If you already own this product, you may give it away to a friend.

    Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions!

    Now back to work to get v3.8 out before the end of the year!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Dana Ray

    –source wave edition
    -lyric(s) edition

    Following orpheus suggestion:
    pandora edition [becuase you open that box when realising if you’re on pitch or not]

    Now, a quick suggestion: consider star names, not take constellations, not all sounds good. Just take star ones if you have a series of names to continue marketing the editions [product line]
    That’s because Antares sounds better than Draco, except if you grab the zodiac ones!

    Another idea [related with music terms]:
    pitch perfector canon edition

    Finally this idea: Natale Edition [pronunced natal] we are close to christmas time so
    Natale [i italian] seemed so good for the project.

    Merry Christmas coach!

  3. Dana Ray

    You can call it, pitch perfector chromatic edition,
    vocal piano,
    –vocal wave [my favorite one]

    pitch perfector wave edition
    pitch perfector express wave edition [long name version]

    after that it could be related with larger water bodies or other wave properties [or natural phenomena as it grows, according to the properties that are added or improve in each version]

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