Selected  PitchPerfector™ Training Videos


The following Original Video for v1.0 is still a valuable lesson in simplicity.

Original Training Video from Version 1.0

If you have difficulty watching the video online, you may download a WindowsMedia version by right-clicking and save-as HERE.



  1. Avatar photoTom

    These 5 new PitchPerfector instruction videos have a lot more useful detail than your original Version 1.0 single video. In addition for beginners, I highly recommend it for your existing students who haven’t viewed these latest training videos. There more “nuggets” of basic vocal training that can be learned from them.

    • Avatar photoSinging Coach

      Hi Monica,

      Thanks for asking!

      We’re having a special

      ~~RELAXED~~ Labor Day Weekend Sale

      You can get the new program and price here:

      Let me know how it goes!


    • Avatar photoSinging Coach

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your question.

      The microphone built-in to your computer will usually be sufficient. If by chance you have an unusual computer without a mnic, you can use an external mic… Or, if you already have a higher quality mic attached you can use it.

      Patter Play Set in 4 Types? I don’t understand this question. Can you rephrase and I’ll do my best to answer.


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