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Our first attempt with Forum’s did not work out so well, as the integration with the Lesson comments was confusing to users and we ended up going back and forth between the two.

For now, we’ll leave discussions in the COMMENTS area and will revisit Forums again early next year (2017).

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  1. Mike

    You say in your singing lessons to stay within your range but on pitch. How the heck do you know if you’re anywhere near on pitch?

    • Singing Coach

      Hi Mike,

      Ultimately, you use PitchPerfector to help work out pitch problems.

      But, the point in the lesson is more referring to general “rough” pitch… eg, don’t go shooting for super high notes where it’s obvious you’re completely off the mark.

      The reason this was included is because some singers are solely focused on hitting high notes and don’t seem concerned that they’re wildly off pitch.

      Does this make sense now? If not, i’ll try again from a different angle.


      • Mike

        Thanks for getting back so quickly. I have been a very poor student but will do better this year and accomplish, hopefully, what I want. on the Pitch Perfect I find I am truly “terrific”. No matter which of the four notes I come close to hitting I am flat one note. I also find it difficult to to find songs with only those four notes. I assume I have one hell of a long ways to go. Not sure I’ll live that long but will give it a try. And yes your explanation above does make sense to me.
        Thanks and Happy New Year

  2. John Churilla

    hello Steven I really appreciated your call , I been working with pitch corrector , and also doing the lessons find them really beneficial helping stay focused on vocal control and development ….also I would like to send the Happy Birthday song as you said to do how can I do it ? I don’t see the area you mentioned thanks

    • Singing Coach

      Hi John,

      Glad you are enjoying the program!

      The best, easiest way is to post a video to YouTube. Then get the YouTube URL and post is under the lesson to share with the community.

      There are many other filesharing and video sharing possibilities, including Google Drive, for example.

      Hope this helps,

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