Podcasting: The NOW BIG Thing for Singers

Today is my birthday. (thanks Mom! ūüôā

So why am I writing to you and other singers today instead of taking the day off to enjoying my vacation with family?

Because it’s Important.

This is a Career, Life Changer. ¬†It’s not often I see software THIS good! ¬†(and you know me – I’m in software, recording, programming, singing, performing, producing all day long every day of the week because I love it!)

Singers and other Musicians will be excited about this because not only will it spread their music far and wide, but will change their careers forever.

But, PLEASE NOTE… this might not be for you!

If you are taking my singing lessons for private personal use only, not to sing in public and don’t care about promoting yourself as a singer, don’t care about having a career in music, have no interest in marketing, or podcasting, THIS POST¬†IS NOT FOR YOU!

Wanted to get that out of the way because truly this is not right for most singers.¬† There’s nothing wrong with that – most people have primary interests in other areas and that’s great!

But, for the rest of us who are serious about a career and want to share our talents with the world, this is probably the BEST OPPORTUNITY IN DECADES and may very likely change the way you work with promoting yourself as a musician forever.

Please note that most of what I’m about to share is presented from the angle of internet marketing – people wanting to make tons of cash online – which I know is not your objective or the objective of most musicians.

But, there is an Important Angle for Musicians that most will overlook.

This is the reason that I’m writing to you.

I made the Foundations of¬†Singing Lessons program that nearly 100,000 people have taken… and I sell singing programs online by the thousands… so it’s part of my business to keep up with the latest trends.¬† I also market internet training programs, but never send that to you… because it’s not singing relevant… but this is and it’s important!


And you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Learn More…


I just bought it, and know it will change the game plan for me and a lot of musician friends.  So, you could use it to make a lot of cash on line, but more importantly, you could Use it to Promote YOUR Music!

Audello is a groundbreaking new software that enables you to cash in on the power of podcasting to build big mailing lists AKA a Huge Following of Fans who are eager to buy YOUR Music!

Get it Here => http://singingresults.com/audello

Until now, creating your own podcast meant spending time figuring out what type of content to create, how to record your podcast, what combination of software to use, how to upload it to the web, and so on…

… and that’s all before you’ve even thought about how to get listeners.

Audello SOLVES all of this!

Not only does Audello make it possible to create, edit and easily upload audio content to multiple distribution networks at the same time… but it also connects you with Millions of Listeners who are looking to buy YOUR Music and book you for gigs!

This is something VERY special. Click the link to get started right away:


When you buy through my site You Get These Bonuses:

  • Foundations of Singing Course – $97 value
  • PitchPerfector v3.62 (the latest version and 3.x upgrades) – $97 value
  • $100 OFF Offer ends Today, Nov 7, 2014
  • That’s $284 in savings TODAY ONLY
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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And, Please let me know how it goes. I’m using this program and looking to collaborate with others along the way.

Whether this is a path for you or not, thanks for listening and being part of this singing lessons community. ¬†All the Best…

To Your Highest Singing Results!

Stephen Pierce
Inventor of PitchPerfector(TM)
Designer of Singing Results
Creator of the New Fundamentals of Singing Course

PS – This is THE Opportunity of the DECADE…

it’s the way forward… and the time to get in is now!


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