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Singing Results Students!

You’re in for a treat. – SEE COMMENT AT END OF PAGE – 

As you know,in going through the Foundations of Singing course, there are invitations to share a video or audio of you singing and to get feedback.

More and more students are writing asking HOW?

Technique 1 – A bit tedious... create a youtube account, create your video, upload the video to youtube, get the video URL, and then paste that URL into the comment section here on Singing Results under the lesson related to you video clip.  For a techie person this is fairly easy, but will still take at least half an hour and the first time probably 2-3 hours for non techie folks.  So, I’ll make a video to help in the next week, BUT…

Technique 2 – Fast & Easy. Just Click Record on your smartphone, click stop – DONE

This second technique uses latest internet tool Periscope, which is a FREE app for your phone.  And, it’s so easy it’s being used for 1 on 1 lessons, group meetings, and larger live training events.

The steps in using Periscope are tricky if you don’t have instructions, but I’ll show you the fast easy way, because I’m now using WP Scope which simplifies the entire process beyond belief.


You don’t need to buy anything – just the FREE download of Periscope and my simple instructions,which will be posted here on Wednesday of this week.  Basically, I’ll give you a unique TAG to identify Singing Results Student Videos and I’ll handle the rest.  My new software WP SCOPE will automatically capture your video, upload it to Youtube and post it to be viewed directly back here on SingingResults.com!

Pretty cool, eh?

If you’re curious how this all works…


To Learn more – WARNING – this link is a link to a sales page for WP Scope, and it’s probably a good idea to pay the $27 and get your own account.  But, you don’t have to pay anything – just follow my forthcoming instructions and you’ll be all set for free.  I make a tiny affiliate commission if you buy this, but I honestly don’t care if you buy it or not, because my account alone will help all of my customers and students.  The reasons you might buy it, is if you want to have your own accounts for doing this same type of thing for others, other sites, or if you want to market on the internet.

I’m REALLY EXCITED about this!  Because it’s going to make such a HUGE difference for YOU and all of my other students and customers.

And can’t wait to start using this process for making faster quick snip training videos for you, and to answer individual questions…  It’s going to save me a lot of time, and help me help more singers in the world faster.  This is BIG for me as I’ve often felt overwhelmed by the process and time it takes to make even a simple video and get it published – now I’ll be able to get things posted within minutes.

So, keep an eye out for more follow up emails and instructions and by the end of the week we’ll have new student videos flowing through to the site at warp speed!

Thanks for being a great customer and student.  Get ready for a lot more SOON!

It is a pleasure to be working with you,

Stephen Pierce, MM
Inventor of PitchPerfector
Creator of Singing Results
A small company in Oregon, USA





  1. Gracy

    I downloaded Periscope. Now what do I do. I do not understand how I should record and share my video with others and how do I view other’s video and comment like you asked us to.
    Please clarify.

    • Singing Coach

      Hi Gracy,

      Sorry to say this new technology did not work as advertised. So I’m taking down this page.

      You can still do things the old way – ie, post a video to Youtube and put the link in the comments beneath a lesson.

      I was very excited and hoping this new system would be a big win for all of us – and just wasted 20 hours of my time and a few hundred dollars.

      I thought this would be a quick 2 hour side project…

      I’ll revisit this topic after i finish getting new lessons out and PitchPerfector v4.0 completed.

      All the best to you,

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