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Wake up productive is a groundbreaking Productivity by Eben Pagan.

Wake up Productive was at the core of creating Singing Results, other singing programs, a new business, and non-profit volunteer programs in my community.

Eben created a new revised edition that takes the initial program even further.  I’m diving in to the new training to get more focused on Productivity in my singing and business and all areas of life.


I highly recommend this to all singers – at minimum it will help with your Singing Practice Time and more likely it will have benefits throughout your life.

There are 3 FREE VIDEOS – Watch these because they are valuable regardless of whether you buy the full program.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Link to buy the program

If you buy from this link, you’ll also get a bounty of BONUSES from Singing Results.

  1. PitchPerfector v3.8 – $67 (current sale price)
  2. Upgrade to Pitchperfector 4.0 – $37 value*
  3. Lifetime Upgrades to PitchPerfector – $99 value
  4. Foundations of Singing – Part 1 – $97 value
  5. Foundations of Singing – Part 2 – $97 value*
  6. Foundations of Singing – Part 3 – $97 value*
  7. Singers Study Group – Invaluable *

‘*’ are scheduled for release in 2015


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