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Mother’s day is this Sunday, May 10, 2015

A good time for reflection on Why we Sing.

For your Mother, your Partner, or Yourself!

Do you sing for your mother?
Do you sing for your partner?
Do you sing for yourself?

Some singers have stage performance ambitions, but most of us are simply interested in singing better in our Choirs, with Friends, with Loved Ones, and for Ourselves.

A good friend, Larry, came to my studio a few years ago and we recorded a CD of him singing to give to his mother. She was in a nursing home at the time and failing with Alzheimer’s but he
was told she listened to the recording often and seemed to enjoy it.
He would sing for her when he went to visit and it seemed to help
her remember.  It’s one of the sweetest expressions of love that
I’ve seen and is a reminder of how important our voice can be in
communicating the love we have for another.

This is perhaps the main reason I love working with singing and
sharing, and giving away so many singing programs. I love receiving
stories from students about how singing has touched their lives.

In this story, Larry went on to record 3 more CDs and dedicated
the next 5 years of his life to Singing in retirement homes, bringing
a ray of sunshine into the lives of thousands.


I would love to hear from you!

  • How has Singing touched you or someone you love in your life?
  • Have you sung for your sweetheart and sparked romance?
  • Have you sung for someone you love giving them comfort?
  • Have you sung for yourself for inspiration or solace?

I Look Forward to hearing from YOU!


ps: Sing To Your Mother! 🙂

Sing To Your Mother!

Sing To Your Mother!

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  1. Arliene

    I am so glad that I got to sing for my mom before she passed away. I sang a solo in a choir she loved it. Just knowing how happy that made her I still keep singing to her I lost her one week before Mother’s Day so on Mother’s Day I sing to my mom.

    • Singing Coach

      Hi Arliene,

      Beautiful! So glad you got to share this special time with your mother.

      Thank you for sharing this!


  2. My name is “Lady B” God has anointed my voice and have given me music to write and perform for his glory. I have had a music street ministry for the past 15 years. Singing has changed my life because of the call that is on my life.The music God has bless me with touches the hearts of the lost,hurting and dying in this world. The greatest joy i get when I sing for God is when lives are touched and changed by the message that it brings.The music I am called to sing and perform is to prepare souls for the coming of the Son of the Living God:Jesus Christ Singing is only part of it, the Joy of Singing Fort The Lord; Has Changed My Life!

    • Singing Coach

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, Nell!

      Perhaps you will share some of your singing with us?

  3. Comien Horn

    ooo I love to sing when I play on the keyboard / piano.
    I have sung several times for my husband. He is my biggest fan and are always encouraging me. I want to study Classical singing, but my parents refused. He encouraged me to do so. Although I never sang in Classical performances I often sing in church. I had lymphoma 15 years ago and was told I had a year to live. I sang at a Christmas function and a man gave his heart to the Lord there because off my testimony. Minutes later he collapsed and died. That was amazing knowing it meant something for him.

  4. Joyce

    I song for my sister’s birthday party and one of my nieces came late. Denise went up to the microphone and requested me to sing a song too her because she never heard me sing before. I was shocked and also honored to sing for her. I sung ” A change is gonna come by: Sam Cooke. After I finished singing, I had a standing ovation and I looked at my niece, she had tears rolling down her face. Denise came over to me and said Aunt Joyce I didn’t know you could sing like that!! She gave me the biggest hug. I am so glad that I was able to touch her soul and many others that was there. That was really a blessing to me as well.

  5. Dominic

    I love singing, but I can’t sing much, so I didn’t sing for my Mum 🙁
    I normally just sing in Church or at home for fun.

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