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Using Chat Support at Singing Results is Fast, Easy, FUN!

Available March 18, 2015

Example Uses for Chat Support:

  • Help with Downloading PitchPerfector
  • Help with viewing Videos in Singing Foundations Program
  • Help with Downloading Vocal Training Exercises
  • Technical question on how to use a feature of PitchPerfector

After testing 17 different chat systems, we found that JivoChat provides the most reliable service.

The JivoChat system was first extensively tested on our sister site,  Here are screenshots of what the JivoChat tab looks like:


Chat Tab positioned vertically on the right side of browser


Chat Tab Positioned at bottom right of the screen

Just CLICK on the Tab to start a Chat conversation and get Help.

As we strive to better serve you, we may experiment with the text.  Currently the chat tab reads “Got Questions?”.  We might change this to “Need Help?” or something else that makes sense.

Once you click on  JivoChat Tab, the chat window will open and look like this:




…EASY, and

…FUN to get Help and Support for your Singing Results products using JivoChat.

To learn more about JivoChat visit their website



Background on Chat Support and Sales Support with Chat

For sales support, the value of Chat is pretty apparent. A prospective customer may have questions that are not addressed on the website.  This is the primary use for JivoChat for

For the primary use of JivoChat is to help customers with questions they have while on the site as FAST and EASY as possible.  Of course we still have a ticket system where you can ask longer less time sensitive questions.  And, if we are not online at the time you click for Chat support, you can leave a message that is automatically turned into a ticket.  So, it’s at least as fast as the ticket system and often you can get instant results with a live chat.

Give it a try the next time you have a question and let us know what you think!

Web Developers – There are a long list of technical reasons for choosing JivoChat that would be boring for most SR customers to have discussed here. If you want more info, drop me a line and I’m happy to share more.  Stephen

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